By Paul A. Achoa, Eagle Health & Fitness Expert

Most pet owners remember the pet food scare that occurred several years ago, involving chemical additives used to beef up the protein content listed on labels. Unfortunately, many pets lost their lives before the problem came to light. Since then, not much has been done to prevent similar issues, and a new troubling report is making it clearer that – at least in certain situations – a homemade dog food diet could save lives.

More Dogs Dying

The Food and Drug Administration recently warned pet owners that chicken treats might be causing serious illnesses in dogs. According to the FDA, chicken jerky pet treats, sold as chicken treats, chicken strips and chicken tenders, may be causing kidney failure and Fanconi syndrome, a dangerous condition characterized by very low levels of glucose. Many deaths have already been reported, and although similar incidents occurred with chicken-based jerky treats in 2007 and 2008, little has been done to protect American pets from toxic additives.

Is Homemade Dog Food a Realistic Option?

Most Americans don’t know exactly what is in dog food, and many are horrified when they learn that dangerous chemicals are routinely added to artificially increase nutritional content and retard spoilage. There are few laws on the books that force pet food manufacturers to follow specific guidelines, and pet owners really have no way of knowing whether the food they are buying is up to par.

With little government regulation leading to numerous, recurring problems; many now believe that the best dog food contains homemade ingredients from reliable sources. If you’re considering a switch to a homemade dog food diet, check out the previous link for some manageable realistic recipes that will have your pet licking its chops.