House Republicans have demanded that tech and telecom companies preserve private data and phone records of top Democrats.

A coalition of conservative legislatures have asked AT&T, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and other big tech companies to preserve confidential and private data on prominent Democratic leaders, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and members of the so-called “Squad,” a prominent group of liberal members of the House.

The move appears to be in retaliation for the current investigative committee which is doing the same for Republican legislatures.

The right-wing legislators making the requests include Matt Gaetz of Florida, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, all of whom are known to be major supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The Democrat-led Jan. 6 investigation has sparked fears that congressional investigations and subpoenas might be weaponized in an unethical partisan fashion.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other prominent conservative leaders have threatened technology and telecom companies with future penalties for cooperating with the investigation, although it’s not clear if the threats will have any real impact.

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