By Paul A. AchoaEagle Health & Fitness Expert

If you’re planning to make weight loss part of your 2021 goal, you may be interested in targeting specific areas around the waist or thighs. To do this, you’ll have to do more than just cut calories. Before you adopt just any old diet plan, learn the best ways to lose stomach fat fast to promote a flat belly and lean legs and hips.

Understand Your Genetics

Unfortunately, people tend to store fat in specific areas depending on their genetic makeup. For some, that means a spare tire; for others, it means saddlebags filled with cellulite. When people attempt to drop weight fast, they tend to drastically reduce the number of calories they consume. This tends to cause the body to go into stress mode, where it hoards fat in these areas. Ultimately, crash diets tend to cause the body to lose weight slowly in the belly and thighs.

Targeting Specific Areas

Although crunches and leg lifts may make the muscle tissue within your legs and midsection feel sore; these exercises aren’t the best ways to lose stomach fat fast or reduce the size of your thighs and hips. To hasten this process, you need to trick your brain into focusing its energy-consumption efforts on the right sources.

Studies have shown that protein-rich diets do this well when combined with high-intensity cardiovascular exercise and foods that are rich in fiber. The following article details exactly what you should eat to lose belly fat quickly.

Do Diet Pills Work?

Ultimately, a reduced appetite will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Foods high in protein and fiber tend to reduce hunger pains; however, sometimes people want more help. Diet pills can help keep you from craving foods that tend to increase thigh and stomach fat; however, these should only be used for a short period of time, usually at the outset of your diet plan. Use them for a boost, not as a crutch; and always be sure to have your health checked by a physician before beginning any type of exercise program or dieting plan.

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